Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Complete Guide to Playing Irish Traditional Music on the Tin Whistle

Learn to play Irish traditional music on the whistle with this new tutor book from Tradschool

286 pages; with 429 accompanying audio tracks
104 tunes (28 children's & folk tunes + 76 traditional tunes)
Available to download (430mb) through
Price: €29.00

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What is it?

This tutor book, with its accompanying audio files, is intended to give a complete introduction to playing Irish music in the traditional style on the tin whistle; it covers all from the very first notes on the instruments to the most advances ornamentation.
The book is broadly divided into two parts, with the shorter first part covering the basics of the whistle (pages  1-48) while the longer second part (pages 49-286) covers the playing of Irish traditional music on the instrument
It is currently available as a download containing 1 print-friendly indexed pdf file (286 pages) and 429 audio files (256kb mp3)

Who is it for?

It is intended for anybody who wants to play traditional music in the Irish style, from complete beginners to confirmed or advanced players who wish to work on their style or ornamentation. Tablature as well as sheet music is used throughout the book, so it is accessible to the complete beginner; while more advanced players will appreciate the attention to detail in style and ornamentation in the later parts of the book.


(Click on images to enlarge)

- Indexed .pdf file for easy navigation through the chapters

- Whistle tablature (fingering charts) with musical notation

- Large collection of tunes for all levels

- Detailed explainations of whistle technique, with audio examples

- Detailed section on ornamentation (100+ pages) with ornaments presented in context, and with multiple examples

- Collection of traditional tunes

How to order

Tin Whistle - A Complete Guide to Learning Irish Traditional Music on the Whistle is available as a download, with one 430mb zip file containing all the necessary files delivered on payment (via Paypal).
Transactions are handled through the site To order, click on the "Buy Now" link at the top of this page or order here.

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